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Sept 2016.

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So earlier this year I had a few dates with Devon Allman on the UK leg of his World Tour which was great fun. They're great guys and I enjoyed educating them on regional dialects  and the history of Britain from 1973 to the present day. Hopefully they found my bass playing  equally impressive as my attempt at a black country accent!

Throughout the summer I had lots of gigs around town and the great pleasure of playing with some great singers and musicians, including Gareth Gates, Lizzie Deane, Zoe Schwarz, Artie Zaitz and Jake "The Snake'

In July I recorded bass for Rebecca Ferguson's new album 'Superwoman' which is being produced by Troy Miller.

Release date Oct 14th.

In September I had an awesome week at Ashburnham recording a new album for Geraldine Luce (Latty) with Carey Luce, Tom Hooper and Raul D'oliveira.  We had a fantastic week  and I really enjoyed the creative process and the freedom we were allowed on our instruments! The week ended with a gig of the arrangements we'd recorded in the week at Ashburnham Place which should be out on Youtube soon!

Mel drums

At the end of July I was back in the studio with Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds) to record bass for his solo project.  That dude sure can hit those drums!  Should be out later this year.