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I have a wealth of experience in the studio and my first album session was way back in 1989. Since then I have recorded in numerous studios for various producers, including Troy Miller (Laura Mvula) Chris Difford (Squeeze), Ian Grimble (Mumford & Sons), Nicky Brown (Gospel music producer) and Mark Wallis (Travis).

If you need electric or double bass for a project then please get in touch with me through the contact page.

In an ideal world every album would be made with all the musicians together in the same studio but because of time and budget restraints this isn't always possible! If you need bass recorded for an existing track then you can email me an MP3 and I'll record bass from my studio. I have a selection of basses, including jazz, Precision, hollow body, 5 string and double bass. Obviously, you're welcome to attend the session in person if it's convenient for you.

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